Alex Joomla Api Developer

Hi, Alex here!

I am a French Web Developer focused on Joomla Web Services based in Martinique.

I started shifting my developer efforts towards Web Services / Apis since 2017 with something called jBackend (by selfget) then com_api (by techjoomla) then when Apis got into Joomla 4.x core. I was the first one to create a comprehensive Postman Collection (100+ endpoints) representing the Joomla Web Services specs. Later I added OpenAPI 3.0 support, and swagger ui too. All that shared back for free to the community on my Github profile.

I also write articles on my Technical Blog mainly about Joomla Web Services / Apis.

Recently I worked with other joomler friends on Joomla Api examples for real world use cases to help more people grasp what Joomla Api can do.

You can see what we did here

That's my Api journey for now.

Have a delightful day Super Joomlers!