Should Joomla! tend to become an unopiniated headless CMS? Maybe in Joomla! 4.5?
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I more or less recently stumbled upon the "headless CMS" thing where the actual content is completely separated from the actions one can do to "manipulate" or "act on" the content using an API.

I know that Webservices are coming in Joomla 4 hopefully. But I was wondering if a full fledge "headless CMS" might be the way to go to help Joomla! become popular again to more developers. To me, If more developers do more stuff for Joomla! core and contribute, the whole Joomla community will benefit from it. 

The main benefit of "headless CMS" IMHO, is to lower the barrier to communicate and extend to others php libraries, creating mobile apps to interact easily with Joomla! Or CLI apps for devops, etc... What do you think? Is it worth it?

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